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Action for Change networking site for change agents
"Afghanistan` Project"
Animal Liberation Front ALF
(May the Universe Keep Them Safe and Active for they are the finest of us all and they harm no living thing despite what the bosses tell you)
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Banking on Heaven polygamy video
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Ceramic Sculpture
Birds View - Creamic Sculptures of Jacqeline Jrolf
"A Libra whose element is air. She makes birds and what is happening to the air (and herself) through birds"
Chicago Women's Liberation Union
Coalition for American Workers Save jobs for citizens. Prevent in and outsourcing jobs.
Compassion Over Killing
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Corporate Control of US Democracy
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Daily Coyote
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Earth Best Defense
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Equal Rights Amendment
Equal Pay -after 45 years
ET Vegan
Earth & Sky
Eastern Shore Sanctuary
Enough genocide discussions and reports
Equality 4Women Reference papers for organizing
Exploitation and trafficking in Women (Hughes)
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Family Court Issues for Feminists – Custody - Abuse
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Genderberg Resource for sexual exploitation activists and researchers
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Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants & Health Food Stores in USA

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Illusion Science
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Judy Chicago Gallery Art
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Mad Cowboy
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Service Women's Support Network
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Open Rescue

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PISSD - Personal Injury, Social Security Disability injured and disabled persons mistreated by government and insurance companies
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Refugee Resettlement Watch recommended site
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Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)

Sari Art
Sair Art

Sea Shepherd
Skin Deep check your cosmetics to see how toxic they are to your health
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Stateline (News from the States)
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Sacred hallows-not horror violence

Wiscat, Wisconsin’s union catalog
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WI Best Friends (recommended animal rescue site)
Wisconsin Woodland Owners and Lovers
Wild WI
Wild Ones
Wolf Pack Tarot
WOMEN AGAINST FUNDAMENTALISM IN IRAN Support Women Slaves Struggling to Organize in Iran - NOW! Follow the link above to find the website of women organizing behind burqas to bring freedom to Iran
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Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Intern'l Women's Day March 8
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Women's History Archives
Women's History Month In 1987, Congress declared March to be Women's History Month
Women's Medical Fund, Inc Assisting Wisconsin women who want but cannot afford abortion - please help
Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office Home of Feminist Collections Journal
Women's Suffrage Day August 26th
Women United
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
WI Coalition Against Domestic Violence I rarely agree with these liberals who take a great deal of the DV funding
WI Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
WI Newspapers Forum & Blogs
WI Statutes
WI Vegetarian
WI Veterans Museum
WI Watch Reporters covering the underbelly of policy shaping WI while you are unconscious




Despite the challenges, we were seeing free and democratic Iraq, we were living the hard laboring moment we believe that every one of us has duty towards our beloved country. By our hands, work, thoughts, sacrifice we will build up the new Iraq.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I do not write here anymore - join me on Face Book

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A young killer whale was found in the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands on the 23rd June 2010. The whale, a female, was rescued by Dolfinarium Hardewijk for rehabilitation and was given the name Morgan. They believed that she originated from the Scottish waters and the name Morgan means "Inhabitant of the sea". When she was rehabilitated, it was promised that she would be released back into the wild. That promise, however, was never to become a reality. She was put on public display and lived in horrible conditions; by any standard. A call for her release was made in court by the Orca Coalition, but in bogus claims of "education" Morgan was sent to Loro Parque. She is now on public display, confined in a concrete tank for MONEY AND GREED!

From Orca Coalition:
"That the animal cannot be released after two and a half years is nonsense, it is therefore not the orca experts who worry about that. The orca is a very intelligent animal, something greatly underestimated. The PR machine of the Dolfinarium Harderwijk has, however, made people believe that the animal would die if it would be released. Morgan has never had the chance to return to the wild. Instead, she is confined in a concrete tank in a sunny climate, and she swims between orcas who do not speak her language. This is not comparable to the northern sea where she came from. According to experts, Morgan has not forgotten where she came from: there is a a great chance, that after her rehabilitation, she will join her family or relatives."

The next battle for Morgan's freedom in court is this November first; set fire to the rain and let her roll in the deep!

For more information about Morgan, please direct yourself to Orca Coalition's website (


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Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Seeing Truth - Sue Coe

Sue Coe: Art of the Animal from Our Hen House on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yes I get it in any language

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

All you Need

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey! Meet me on Facebook!

Most of the time I am writing on Facebook now. Come and be my friend there.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

For My Upstairs Neighbor - If You Kill Him I Won't Tell

This takes about 3 min to rewind before it plays and it is well worth the wait......

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Henri The Existential Cat

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This Summer Solstice Save the Bees for the future summers- Ban Clothianidin.

Listen to The Bee Dream from Ariadne by June Rachuy Brindel.

You are standing in the apiary among the hives. The sun is warm and the earth fragrant. Bees are all around you. Their wings reflect the sun. Their hum becomes a voice whispering;

Your body is pollen.
The journey is forever.
Be still.

In the next week, the EPA is expected to issue a decision on the pesticide Clothianidin -- which scientists believe is a major factor in the alarming decline in U.S honey bee populations, known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Since 2006, one third of U.S honey bee populations have been dying off.

One third. Every year. That's a terrible rate of species destruction on its own, but it's also a serious threat to our food supply. Honey bees play a crucial role by pollinating 71 of the 100 most common crops, which account for 90% of the world's food supply.

The EPA will be issuing a decision soon. If the agency doesn't act, it won't review Clothianidin again until 2018 -- and by then it could be too late for the bees.
Tell the EPA: Bee die-offs are an emergency. Ban the pesticide that's killing bees.

While the causes of Colony Collapse disorder are complex, studies are increasingly pointing to the role played by pesticides like Clothianidin.

Produced by the German corporation Bayer CropScience, it is used as a treatment on crop seeds, including corn and canola, and works by expressing itself in the plants' pollen and nectar. Not coincidentally, these are some of honey bees' favorite sources of food.

Shockingly, Clothianidin was approved without any independent study verifying its safety. The Pesticide was conditionally approved for use in 2003, and then fully approved by the EPA in 2010, on the basis of only one test conducted by Bayer, which EPA scientists later said was unsound and not sufficient to be the grounds for unconditional approval of the pesticide.

Clothianidin has already been banned in France, Italy, Slovenia, and Germany — the home of Bayer — but it continues to be applied to over 100 million acres here in the U.S., at the peril of bees and our ability to produce foods like apples, blueberries, almonds, pumpkins and dozens of other vital crops.

For the EPA to take action and suspend the use of Clothianidin it must declare bee die-offs to be an "imminent hazard." And with massive continuing die-offs of the species that is a cornerstone of our crop production, it's clear that is the case.

For too long, the EPA has turned a blind eye to the problem, trusting a sham study by pesticide makers over the mounting evidence that Clothianidin is not safe for our food system. It's time for the EPA to ban Clothianidin and save the bees.

Click below to automatically sign the petition:

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Solstice Tofu

Vietnamese Caramel-Cooked Tofu - Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes from Michael Natkin on Vimeo.

Mexican Torta with Refried Black Beans and Roasted Poblano - from Michael Natkin on Vimeo.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Today Obama committed suicide and took food safety with him

Today Obama lost the election unless he can rigged the vote to allow illegals to elect him (Obama opposes voter ID and "purges" of voter rolls). Today Obama authorized green card work permits for the illegal immigrants who meet certain conditions. Next will be the "Dream Act" by executive order.

No one in the citizen working class will vote for him now, despite what the union bosses tell him. ... The only people who will vote for him are the upper middle class and the 1% who want that cheap labor for their slaughterhouses and toxic fields, and who want that foreign wealth for their universities.

You know those universities, the ones your child cannot buy their way into without  massive and crippling student loan debt. The "job creators" also need those foreign engineers and doctors and customer service technicians because you just can't find citizens who want to work and who have the skills Bill Gates needs.

So because the Democrat party is so GD stupid and sold to the 1% so its operatives can eat at the trough, the environment, women's issues, affordable medical care and everything decent people have worked toward including lthe labor rights of private sector workers will be lost.

And they think they will be able to control our reaction to that by starving us into a desperate acceptance - a slow warming of the water as they do to lobsters in the cooking pot.... but I don't think so. I think the real citizen working class in this country has its eyes wide open now and is watching and waiting and organizing without its "leaders" knowing a GD thing. It is true they have militarized the police and are launching their drones but that will not save them. The whole world is watching and waiting

See our politicians concern for small farmers here >

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vegan Cooking Show airs in September on PBS

Vegan Mashup Season 1 Trailer from All Art Media on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Occupy Public Option

If the Supreme Jerks strike the Individual Mandate we will strike for the Public Option which Obama should have delivered immediately after his election from his democrat majority congress. 

Occupy THAT jerks.

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dane County became the first Wisconsin community to ban the exhibition of elephants for amusement or entertainment.

Last Thursday night, June 7, 2012, Dane County became the first Wisconsin community to ban the exhibition of elephants for amusement or entertainment. The County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance amendment banning such exhibitions by a vote of 23 to 9.

No new elephant acts shall be allowed at the county's auditorium or exhibition center. Current county contracts with the Zor Shriners, who bring the George Carden circus to Madison every year, however, shall be honored until the final contract runs out in 2020.

Opposition for the ban, which came largely from circus supporters outside of Wisconsin, were greatly overshadowed by local public support.

Last night's passage of this ban marks the end of an era which included many years of AFA-organized public protests, educational leafleting, USDA complaints, and vigilant monitoring of elephants at the county's Alliant Energy Center when the circus came to town. The legislative effort was initiated in February of 2011 when AFA representatives presented the case for an elephant ban to the general membership of Progressive Dane and received a unanimous vote in favor of an immediate ban on elephant performances.

"This is a step in the right direction - the direction of ending cruelty against elephants at Dane County facilities," said Supervisor Al Matano, who introduced the ban.

He also stated that the work does not end today. "Members of the Dane County Board have pledged to monitor compliance with the contracts, by attending the circuses to observe the conditions the elephants experience."

AFA thanks everyone who took the time to come out and speak for the elephants and to all 23 Supervisors who voted in favor of the elephant ban. Eloquent oral testimony came from citizens of Dane County, members of the County Board, and members of Alliance for Animals.

We especially wish to thank Supervisor Al Matano for his courage in introducing the ban and for his steady efforts to see it passed. Many people worked toward this landmark change in county policy; we thank them all. The animals are fortunate to have them working on their behalf.

Please thank your supervisor if he/she cast one of the important votes in favor of this amendment. Visit our website at for a report on the voting.

Also, send positive letters to the local newspapers in support!

Capital Times:
Wisconsin State Journal:

The Alliance for Animals
P.O. Box 1632
Madison, Wisconsin 53701

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The recall is lost and the Democrats still don't get it

The Democrats are saying that the loss to Walker was because they were out financed and out organized but that is foolish thinking.  The election was lost because WI resented the recall and its cost to taxpayers.  They saw it as a stamping the feet, childish, temper tantrum by people who did not vote in the first election and now were costing the state 36 million dollars in recall costs.  But more importantly, the election results were all about policy.  

The Dems must get over their contempt for their opponents. No, the opponents are not motivated by fear, stupidity and hate. They are motivated by their own financial interests which have been subordinated for years to the wants of public unions who are organized and who elect their legislator negotiators.

Property owners are not organized and, working 2 jobs, do not have time or energy to organize. They do not have staff to do it for them. But they understand that the wants of public unions is money out of their own pockets. All the stupid Dem arguments that non govt workers should be happy that others are making $60,000 a year plus extravagant benefits are falling on deaf ears.  The fact that the teachers insisted on teacher controlled health care insurance instead of insurance companies that offered the same benefits at a lower price was the death knell for any sympathy from the voters.

Why didn't Obama come here?  Because the natural question to Obama would be; if you support the right of public employees to organize then why won't you let the federal workers organize?

I am a Democrat despairing at the ugly, closed minded attitude of the Dem party and the liberals who think they are on the side of the angels. Doing the same policy over and over despite loss is insane - not recognizing the needs of your own base is insane. The public unions need to unite with the low income workers even if that means loss of some perks -- or they will lose everything to the anger of the oppressed.

Tax payers accept public workers we all use, police, firefighters, sanitation workers, some municipal workers, water dept., parks, etc. But state workers in public unions and the schools are unacceptable tax burden to those who are not using them (and who often object to the way they spend money). 

Democrats should consider advocating that the teachers and schools be removed from the property tax roll and the school be supported by parents of attending children. Until the Dems do this they will have no chance against the property tax arguments.  Until the schools are supported only by the people who use them, there will be no incentive to keep costs reasonable. 

Most people love the private sector unions as long as they are actually controlled by the local workers and not organized robber barons and crooks. And as long as they respond to the needs of the companies' customers, unlike GM workers who insisted that gas guzzler cars were what the people wanted.  But even private unions will suffer if they join with the public unions.  Pay attention AFL-CIO workers.  Support policies that are good for the people who are your customers or they will not support you.

While the Dems refuse to change their policies and stand with their base, the environment and women suffer from Repub policies.   The Dems think the crumbs they offer women will bring them into the Dem fold despite their economic conflict of interest.  But it is not working.  The Dems have to change their policy about public workers and illegal immigration and voter ID.  Their current positions are unacceptable to the non-public union working class.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Money's Gestapo to Silence and Imprison their Opponents; The Militarization of the US Police and Investigative Arms of the Police State

3 NATO Protesters Charged With “Terrorism” in Chicago — Identical to Other FBI Plots
Cross Posted from the Green is the New Red Blog
by Will Potter on May 21, 2012
Activists arrested as terrorists at NATO protests in ChicagoThree activists who traveled to Chicago for mass protests against NATO have been arrested and charged with “terrorism” in a case that is representative of a pattern of government misconduct.

This most recent case is nearly identical to the arrests preceding May Day demonstrations just weeks ago, and many others in which the FBI played a critical role in manufacturing “terrorist” plots in order to disrupt and discredit progressive social movements.

Details of the case are sparse, but Brian Church (22), Jared Chase (27), and Brent Betterly (24) were arrested on Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive incendiary device. Two other protesters, Sebastian Senakiewicz and Mark Neiweem, have been arrested on unrelated explosives charges.

The arrests came in the leadup to NATO protests in Chicago. Chicago cops and the FBI warned the public that “self-proclaimed anarchists” were about to attack Barack Obama’s re-election headquarters and the home of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel with molotov cocktails. As tens of thousands of people took the streets in protest, the terrorism arrests stole headlines and sent a message, both to the movement and to the public.

According to court documents, the FBI and local police began a “covert investigation” in early May. The government says the defendants are “self-proclaimed anarchists, and members of the ‘Black Bloc’ group, who traveled from Florida to the Chicago area in preparation for committing terrorist acts of violence.”

This allegedly includes preparing molotov cocktails along with obtaining a mortar gun, swords, hunting bow, throwing stars, shields, gas masks and brass knuckles. At one point in the investigation, Church allegedly said that if a cop was going to point a gun at him, he would be “pointing one back.”
According to the police, danger to the public was imminent.

However, undercover cops and FBI agents were there, by their own admission, every step of the way. According to defense attorney Michael Deutsch, three undercover cops nicknamed “Nadia,” “Mo” and “Glove” befriended the defendants on May Day. And 2 of 9 people arrested were themselves undercover agents.

“From our information, the so-called incendiary devices and the plans to attack police stations — that’s all coming from the minds of the police informants and not coming from our clients, who are non-violent protesters,” Deutsch said.


This case is nearly identical to other high-profile “terrorism” arrests that occurred just prior to mass non-violent protests. For example:
  • Cleveland 5 — just a few weeks ago, and days before national May Day protests coordinated by the Occupy movement, the FBI announced the arrest of activists on terrorism charges for plotting to destroy a bridge. FBI informants and undercover agents had a heavy hand in creating the alleged plot.
  • RNC 8 — leading up to the 2008 Republican National Convention, 8 local organizers were arrested and charged with “conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism.” Charges were all later reduced to a misdemeanor carrying no jail time.
  • Bradley Crowder and David McKay — arrested and accused of “terrorism” days before RNC protests. Activist-turned-informant Brandon Darby coaxed the two into plans for molotov cocktails (for more on this plot, see the excellent documentary Better This World).
All of these cases share key elements:
  1. FBI infiltration, and reliance on government informants to manufacture the “plot”

  1. Terrorism charges

  1. Labeling the defendants “self-proclaimed anarchists” (not only in the press, but in court documents). [Here is a bit more on the demonization of anarchism.]

  1. Unveiling the “domestic terrorism” arrests days before key protests


It’s nothing new to see widespread police misconduct and abuse in the days leading up to high-profile demonstrations. Anyone who has been to a few — whether it’s WTO, World Bank, IMF, or the Democratic and Republican national conventions — can see the pattern.

In the late 90s, this often meant police raids of Indymedia centers, or evictions of community spaces on specious “fire code violations.” Cops take equipment, make a few arrests of “leaders,” and try to remind the rest of the protesters who is in charge.

In the last several years, though, that decades-old model has been transforming. All the old tactics are still there. But now the message is being sent not just through arrests or police violence, but through the FBI working with local cops to infiltrate and disrupt protest groups, provoke and coordinate illegal activity, and then charge some activists with “terrorism.”

The activists arrested in Chicago and Cleveland are going to have a very long, difficult time ahead. It’s important to support them and remind them that they are not alone. But it’s also critical that we recognize that they are not the only targets of these tactics.

These arrests, and many others like them, are not about thwarting a “terrorist plot.” They are preemptive attacks on radical social movements in order to instill fear in protesters (that they too could be targeted) and instill fear in the general public (that the “99 percent” are really “self-proclaimed anarchists” and “terrorists”).

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your Brain On Farming

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Report from Chesler

A Progress Report

by Phyllis Chesler
May 24, 2012

Dear Friend and Reader:

Once, when I was young, New York had four seasons and each one lasted a very long time.

Or so it seemed.

Now, there are only two seasons, winter and summer, and just the merest hint of autumn and spring. The hours fly by so fast that time itself seems to be standing still. Whenever I look up from my daily writing, it is always 3pm—where has the day gone?

Although I have been relatively silent in terms of blogging, I have already generated 60,000 words for the new book. The wordsmith-warrior is wounded; I wear Tiger Balm strips on my wrist and arm. And although I read articles from at least twenty newspapers and websites daily, for now, the world has lost its third dimension; only my work is "real."

I will not be speaking at the 92ndY on June 11th. They wanted to reschedule the program for the fall and that is when I will be frenzied and meeting a deadline.

In June, a major new study of mine will appear in Middle East Quarterly. It compares Hindu honor killings in India with Muslim honor killings in Pakistan and the West. There are significant differences between the three types of honor killings which may lead to some new public policy considerations.

Honor killings continue in both the West and globally but so do arrests, trials, and jail terms. Europe is far more advanced than the United States in its understanding that these murders are cold-blooded collaborative conspiracies. European Law enforcement has charged entire families, women as well as men, for conspiring in this crime.

But something else that is new is also happening: Women are testifying against their parents and wives against their husbands—it may take as long as a decade before they gather the courage to do so, but their testimonies have led to convictions in two high profile cold cases in the UK.

As for the election, I do not like how the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle characterize each other. I am especially offended by those Republicans who viscerally despise "feminists" and by those Democrats who viscerally despise "Christian conservatives."

If I were Queen of the Known Universe--citizens would care about substantive issues, not about political figureheads.
(GC Notes:  Something I have been trying to convince feminists about ever since the last election; Hillary worship is as stupid as Obama worship - no politician will save us or lead us; the only way is to organize around single issues and form coalition on that which we can agree. As we abandoned the women of Afghanistan to the Taliban that should be clear now, at last.  We can admire individuals and use them as models but to worship them is a sin; to hear no criticism of their policies is a sin; to deliberately blind yourself to what is right in front of you for illusion's comfort, is a sin.)

A tireless and passionate Zionist whom I know, recently told me that "It is too hard to try and save the Jews. They get in your way. They get in each other's way. As for the Israelis, they don't get it."

I understand exactly what she is saying. I myself am tired of using the same analytic tools and template that I first laid down in 2001-2003 to continue documenting the infernal demonization of the Jews and the Jewish state. I am weary of trying to persuade Jews of…. anything.

Long ago, I was ready to join a team that would pre-empt the Big Lies, outwit them, outrun them, but there is no such Israeli Ministry in charge of The War of Ideas and the American Jewish organizations will never, ever take this on. They are fat cats, living large, and they are far too liberal and far too left. This blinds them to the danger that Israel and Jews face. I have written about this phenomenon so many times in the past. I do not like to spin my wheels—I like to move forward.

There is a listserv group that I am privileged to be a member of which does work in a team-like way in terms of defusing anti-Israel propaganda but they are a grassroots effort of bloggers without any official standing and without a budget.

And now, please allow me to share an ongoing concern. I am an opera lover. I once studied opera. Yes, I sing. But the Metropolitan Opera has shocked and disappointed me. They have increasingly "tarted" up their performances in order to please the masses (not to shock the bourgeoisie). Great divas are ever-so scantily dressed and asked to sing with their legs in the air. (I am not exaggerating).

(GC Notes:  Yeah Phyllis, they have to compete with Tots and Tiaras.)

The new-fangled sets leave something to be desired although the lighting design never fails to please and amaze.

But now hear this: The venerable magazine, Opera News, will no longer carry any reviews of performances at New York's Metropolitan Opera. The young general manager, the brilliant Peter Gelb, cannot bear the withering scorn some of his performances have gotten in their pages. He wants only praise. He and our current President are of the same generation, they are addicted to the sound of applause.

Gelb does not want "criticism," which he experiences as "continuously ripping" into organization the magazine is expected to support.

Here comes Pravda.

Sigh… and now, back to writing.
P.S. The Metropolitan Opera has now, as of today, "backed away" from its decision to bar reviews of its productions in Opera News.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally a Real Feminist Roundtable on TV - not just women - feminists speech on TV

For some time I have been watching on MSNBC on Sunday a political talk show hosted by Melissa Harris Perry  I must say if you have not seen it  - tune in.  She had young women, black and white on today and it was terribly beautiful.  Hope - it gave me hope.  One of the very young women on today's show has a blog, The F bomb - check it out.

The second half of the show dealt with women war veterans, a subject close to my heart.  The discussion of sexual assault was so intellectually challenging and excellent as well as the treatment on discharge and the VA.

Watch this show because it is women speaking of the issues important to our freedom and the advancement of women's liberation in 2012..

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Stop USDA's dangerous new poultry inspection plan.

Three chickens per second.

Under a new plan proposed by USDA, that's how fast inspectors would have to conduct quality control inspections in poultry factories — six times the current rate.

Worse, USDA's proposed rules privatize these inspections, letting the industry police itself by replacing highly trained USDA food inspectors with poultry facility employees who have no required training

Salmonella in our meat and poultry makes nearly a million people sick every year in the US — it's our number one cause of food-borne illness. USDA's new plan could make the problem even worse, and we have just days to stop it.

Food safety groups are opposing the standards and veteran poultry inspectors are calling them "a big step back," and "a very, very bad idea".

Current rules provide for three inspectors to examine 140 birds per minute. Under the new rules, inspections would speed up to 200 per minute — with only one inspector on the line. Even the professionals say that is way too fast.

With far less time to inspect each chicken, unsanitary, defective poultry meat has a higher chance of making it into our supermarkets. And while USDA says it would save less than $30 million per year on poultry inspection costs, it could cost the agency (and us) far more to deal with potential increases in foodborne illness.

Speeding up the poultry line isn't just hazardous to our health — it's also hazardous to those who work in poultry factories. Poultry workers already have an alarming rate of workplace injury from conditions which include a workplace full sharp objects like knives and scissors, and from the repetitive nature of poultry factory tasks. Speeding up the chicken line will only make conditions even more hazardous

But while food and worker safety will undoubtedly suffer, the new rules are expected to result in a quarter of a billion dollar windfall to poultry companies.

The safety of our food, especially poultry which has such a high incidence of contamination, should be the highest priority of USDA. If their answer is less quality control inspection, more dangerous workplace conditions, and allowing an industry with a horrible safety record to police itself, it's probably time to go back to the drawing board.

Click below to submit a comment to the USDA before the May 29th deadline:
Thank you for fighting for safe and healthy food.
Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "Poultry Inspectors Protest Inspection Proposal at USDA," Food Saftey News, April 3, 2012
2. Privatized Meat Inspection Experiment Jeopardizes Food Safety," Food and Water Watch, March 7, 2012
3. Civil rights group: Stop speedup in poultry plants!," People's World, May 10, 2012

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hideous, duplicative and unnecessary experiments at U of WI just to make a quick buck and satisfy sadistic and stupid researchers

Maternal Deprivation Returns to UW-Madison

Please write a letter or three to the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal, Cap Times, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s decision to once again deprive baby monkeys of any maternal care.

Maternal deprivation of monkeys hasn’t been approved at the university since the early 1980s. Harry Harlow’s cruel methods should not be resurrected.

For much more about this horrible unethical backward step, visit our webpage on this situation.

Wisconsin State Journal:
The Cap Times:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Bitter Grief of Elizabeth Edwards

More from the AP:   
... a former aide testified about how Edwards' wife became distraught when she found out that he was still having an affair with mistress Rielle Hunter.

Elizabeth Edwards "collapsed in a ball" in an airport parking lot and tore off her shirt in a fit of anger, the witness said.

Mrs. Edwards was dying of cancer and had previously discovered her husband's fling with Hunter, a videographer on his presidential campaign, in 2006. She had demanded Hunter be fired and the romance be ended.

Edwards, however, secretly continued the affair, which was reported in the National Enquirer in October 2007.

Christina Reynolds, a communications adviser on Edwards' campaign who was also close to Elizabeth Edwards, told the court about Mrs. Edwards reaction when her suspicions of her husband's continued infidelity were confirmed.

The day after the Enquirer's report was published, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were en route to the Raleigh airport, but Elizabeth Edwards was pawing at her husband in the car and asking, "Is this what you two do in the car when you are together in New York City?" the court was told.

Edwards stopped the car and got into another vehicle so that they arrived at the airport in separate cars.

Reynolds testified that in October 2007 after the National Enquirer broke the story about Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter, Elizabeth Edwards confronted the candidate at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

"Elizabeth was very upset," Reynolds said. "She stormed off and collapsed into a ball in the parking lot."
[Reynolds] and another staff member helped her into the bathroom of a private hangar.

After collecting herself, Elizabeth Edwards came back into the hangar, found her husband and began yelling. She then pulled off her shirt and bra, leaving herself bare-chested, Reynolds said."You don't see me any more," Reynolds quoted the wife as saying.
Reynolds said Elizabeth told her that Edwards had confessed to the affair in the summer of 2007.

Elizabeth Edwards died in December 2010 after a long battle with cancer.

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What the Heck is Nutritional Yeast? by Susan Voisin on October 26, 2011

Of all the ingredients I use in my recipes, the one I get asked about the most is nutritional yeast. I’ve been cooking with it for so long that I forget how strange it must sound to people who are new to vegan cooking. Neither the word “nutritional” nor the word “yeast” conjures up mouthwatering images, but the truth is, it’s one of the few “health food store” ingredients that I wouldn’t want to have to do without–and not because of its nutritional value.

 So what is it, why do I use it, and where can you find it?

What It Is Nutritional yeast is made from a single-celled organism, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, which is grown on molasses and then harvested, washed, and dried with heat to kill or “deactivate” it. Because it’s inactive, it doesn’t froth or grow like baking yeast does so it has no leavening ability. Don’t worry; no animals are harmed in this process because yeasts are members of the fungi family, like mushrooms, not animals.

Nutritional yeast has such an unappealing name that somebody started calling it “nooch” and the name caught on on the internet.

The brand that most vegans use is Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula because it is a good source of vitamin B12 and contains no whey, an animal product that is used in some other brands. In the U.K., nutritional yeast is sold under the Engevita brand and in Australia as savory yeast flakes.

What It Isn’t

Nutritional yeast is not the same as brewer’s yeast, which is a product of the beer-making process and is very bitter.

It’s also not Torula yeast, which is grown on paper-mill waste and is also not very tasty. And please do not try to substitute active dry yeast or baking yeast, which taste bad and will probably make a huge, frothy mess because their yeasts are alive.

Where Can I Find It?

You probably won’t be able to find nutritional yeast in a typical grocery store. I buy it from the bulk bins at the local natural food store, where it is labeled “Vegetarian Support Formula.”

Larger grocery stores might have Bob’s Red Mill brand in the natural food section. If you can’t find it locally, Amazon has several brands, including Red Star. I use the flaked version of nutritional yeast, but it’s also available in a powder. If you’re using the powder, you will need only about half as much as the flakes.


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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

FBI Scams Animal Rights Activists in Service of Big Ag. Be Prepared.

FBI Seeks Activist “Liaisons” — Agent Says “We Don’t Just Work for Those Big Companies”

by Will Potter on April 17, 2012
FBI agents visited an animal rights activist in Minnesota saying that they “don’t just work” for Big Ag corporations, and that they are in search of activist “liaisons.”

Dallas Rising is the program director for the Animal Rights Coalition, an organization in Minneapolis founded in 1980. She was at work when two people walked into the group’s storefront office. “I thought they were going to try to sell me internet service or something,” she says. Then they flipped their badges and said they were with the FBI.

“The guy said ‘Can I talk to you’ and I said ‘No, you can’t,’” she says. She called her boss to confirm that the group would have nothing to do with the FBI, and then asked them to leave.

The agent, who identified himself as Steve Molesky, told Rising that she didn’t need to talk to them, and that they just wanted to say something to her. According to Rising:
“He said, ‘I understand why you would be reluctant to talk to me and I get that, and we, as the FBI, have close relationships with animal enterprises… but we don’t just work for those big companies, we work for all the people.”
Molesky said multiple times that FBI agents “don’t want to stifle anyone’s First Amendment rights,” and that they want to work with her as a “liaison.”

According to Molesky and his partner, Elizabeth Pauling, who said she is an FBI analyst, this would mean that if anyone approached Rising with information about animal welfare violations, she would tell FBI agents about the place of concern so that they could urge the USDA to conduct an investigation.

“Is liaison a new word for informant?” Rising asked. Molesky said no, and that “if Jack and Jill come to you with information, what a liaison would do is let the FBI know where that farm is, while an informant would let the FBI know who Jack and Jill are.” That way, Molesky said, “your concerns are addressed and nobody needs to break the law.”

The visit occurred a week after two other unusual encounters at the Animal Rights Coalition. Someone had called the office saying he knew about a farm in Wisconsin abusing animals and that he wanted help “to get in there” through an Animal Liberation Front style action, Rising says. And just days earlier, a newcomer to an activist training session was asking other attendees how they feel about blowing up buildings and killing people.

In both cases, Rising said the individuals were immediately told that the Animal Rights Coalition was not involved in illegal activity. But the encounters were surprising to local activists because the group is known for organizing non-violent protests, hosting speakers, and coordinating vegan outreach.

The FBI has a long history of using informants to surveil, harass, disrupt, and entrap political activists. As I’ve documented at length on this website, the heavy-handed tactics of the COINTELPRO era have not disappeared — they have been repackaged as counter-terrorism efforts.

This may take the form of threatening activists in hopes they will become informants (as I experienced personally), or attempting to infiltrate vegan potlucks. In the case of Eric McDavid, an undercover FBI informant named “Anna” repeatedly attempted to coerce him and others into illegal activity. He refused, and yet was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison on conspiracy charges.
So is this emphasis on “liaisons” a reflection of a kinder, gentler FBI?
Not likely.

“Ag Gag” bills have been introduced across the country, and passed in Iowa and Utah, targeting undercover investigators who expose animal welfare abuses on factory farms. As discussed in my recent interview with a current undercover investigator, these activists are at risk — not for underground, ALF sabotage, but for non-violent investigations affiliated with mainstream organizations.

This new emphasis on using liaisons to find out farm names, at a time when investigators are being targeted for videotaping farms, is certainly noteworthy. Minnesota considered its own “Ag Gag” bill recently, co-sponsored by Representative Rod Hamilton — past president and current member of the Minnesota Pork Producers.

In other words, activists should know that there is no such thing as providing the FBI with innocuous information. Drawing a distinction between a “liaison” and an “informant” is clever, but keep in mind that this is the same FBI that says undercover investigators can be prosecuted as terrorists.

The two FBI agents who visiting Dallas Rising attempted to reassure her that they were only interested in fighting criminal activity and terrorism, and that they would protect her First Amendment rights. Her response?

“I said if you really want to help protect our First Amendment rights, you could help overturn the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.”

Molesky has not returned phone calls for comment.

These FBI agents said they would be “reaching out” to other organizations. If visited by the FBI, know your rights and call an attorney.

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Monday, April 30, 2012


Almost forgot about May Day.  Worker's Rights Day.  The day we celebrate new life , the babies and the young, the innocent - the day we celebrate beginnings - the blank canvass - all the possibilities existing at once.  And we celebrate the life force as it manifests in plants especially,  that is the pollinators.  This is the month we plant - one week after the full moon in May.  This is the month of the heirloom plant sale at Rotary Gardens.

In France this is St Joan de Arc's Day.  And I love Joan, the prophet, seer, warrior, savior of her people and hero.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cross post from Rad Fem Hub

My slogan will be intersectional but my trans agenda will be bull shit

by Guest Blogger
Guest Post by Dragon Dyke.

The latest slogan of the trans activists is ‘my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bull shit’. The current trans obsession with intersectionality is a major cause for concern, and a trans co-option of intersectional theory could have disastrous consequences for the political struggles of all subordinate groups.

Trans activists are co-opting political movements and the ultimate trans agenda is to remove the rights of all subordinate groups to self-determination ... I do not believe that most individuals who identify as trans or their allies are consciously planning the depoliticisation of class based oppressions. Trans is a structural and colonising tactic – a tool of the patriarchy, but if you buy into trans theory, that is what you are buying into.

The trans cooption of feminism... to collective self-determination is the beginning of what I believe will end up being a long running movement to co-opt all struggles of subordinate groups. Trans is a growing movement and it is no longer only focused on trans sex and trans gender. New trans movements focus on trans abled and trans ag.  Any day now I am expecting to see the emergence of white men who claim to be trans race.   As with trans genderism, these new trans movements are largely based on the sexual fetishisation of the subordinate group.

The Scope of the trans project and Impact  on all subordinate classes.

The rise of post modernism in the 1990’s contributed thoroughly to the backlash against feminism by perpetuating idea that structural oppression, and hence oppression of women, does not really exist.

According to the pomo’s (postmodernists), power only revolves around individual interactions.

(GC Notes: The post modern theory needs more explanation; what the author means by  the power of individual interaction is not clear to me) 

Transsexualism, which had initially been based on a conservative medical model, emerged later as a tool of the post modern feminist backlash.

Transexualism was the original trans theory, but with the rise of post modernism and queer theory (a sub-theory of post modernism), the concept of ‘gender’ was developed to invisibilise women, and with the spreading of the concept of gender (or jendah, as some rad fems like to put it), the theory of ‘trans gender’ emerged.

Queer theorists and the conservative medical transsexual empire initially had some major political conflict but the two seem to have blended into a mind boggling and utterly confused and contradictory political movement.

The second wave women’s liberationists have been horrified by the impact of this trans movement on a number of levels. The women’s movement was a movement organised by women against male supremacy. (GC notes:  institutionalized patriarchy)

Like other subordinate groups, women in the second wave were able to develop a very clear understanding of who the dominant group were – men.

Women’s space was vital to the movement. But women have been bullied and coerced into accepting members of the dominant group (adult males) into their organising spaces.  The original intentions of feminist and the women’s liberation movement have been fought viciously by post modernists, who advocate for feminism to be a void of nothingness, having no material reality, open to everyone and anyone, with anyone being able to self identify as anything.

(GC Notes:  It is not a question of being open - males can be feminist and can organize as feminists -- feminist label anti feminist and misogynist the groups and individuals which restrict women's rights; as in Feminist for Life; or as in transsexuals who assert role playing fem stereotypes and genitalia is the female essence and attempt to force others to accept their imposture as reality or who as transsexuals and closeted gay men lie about their nature, politics and experience by passing as women or straight.)

So now they think they have accomplished the destruction of the women’s liberation movement (of course we are not going away that easily), what’s next?

Trans -Intersectionality.

It is a very smart move for the post modern trans theorists to jump on the intersectionality band wagon – why? – because they can kill 5 birds the with one stone by coopting several political struggles all in one hit. The development of a trans intersectional movement is already peaking right now.

We now have the emergence of trans ablism, a movement of males (who also happen to almost all be transsexual or transgender identifying), who are claiming that they are disabled people in abled people’s bodies, as described in the story of National Geographic’s “Taboo” : Fake paraplegic.
How long will it be before disability rights advocates, who oppose the trans-ablest agenda, start getting called ‘transphobes’ and bigots and bullied into accepting the delusions of these men and allowing them into activist groups for people with disabilities? From reading the blogs of many of these men, it is clear that they have little intention of actually becoming disabled.

Some are demanding various kinds of surgery, but most are happy with an aid, for example a leg brace or a hearing aid. The obsession these men have with such aids is a cause for concern and likely revolves around a sexual fetish. This trend mirrors trans gender ( born males) who contrary to popular belief often have no intention of actually having any surgery and are content with the fetishisation of things they associate with women, such as wigs, dresses and make up (see

Despite this, women who refuse to accept these men as women are punished and shamed.

Lesbians are harassed into accepting them as lesbians and called transphobes for ruling them out as potential sexual partners.


SEE ALSO:  The Radical Feminist page on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogger joins with fascist google to round up sheep

Blogger is all new now. I have to learn everything all over again.

It is all to make more money for google which has become the most evil organization on earth. Their aim is to force us to have all our data in one place. I am sure they are working with homeland security just as the phone companies do. I feel like a horse that is being herding into the corrals and then the trucks heading for the slaughterhouse.

Obama made it legal to sell mexican slaughterhouse horse meat in the US.  And google is the blogger slaughterhouse.

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Monday, April 09, 2012


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Friday, April 06, 2012

Cross Post from Food Politics - too important for you to ignore

Tired of hearing about beef processing? Try chicken.

Apparently as a result of a need to cut costs, the USDA is changing the way its inspectors oversee chicken processing.

As Dana Milbank of the Washington Post puts it, this is a proposal to allow chicken slaughterhouses to inspect themselves — eliminating those pesky federal monitors who have the annoying habit of taking diseased birds out of the food supply.

Even if the Obama administration were inclined to bring down capitalism with an orgy of overregulation, there isn’t enough money in the budget to enforce the rules on the books. That’s what the chicken fight is about: Spending cuts…are a form of de facto deregulation (my emphasis).

The New York Times account of this policy change notes that inspectors:
had observed numerous instances of poultry plant employees allowing birds contaminated with fecal matter or other substances to pass. And even when the employees try to remove diseased birds, they face reprimands….

The Agriculture Department proposal allows poultry plants to speed up their assembly lines to about 200 birds per minute from 140, hampering any effort to examine birds for defects.

But that’s not all. The Center for Livable Future at Johns Hopkins reports that meal made from chicken by-products (in this case, feathers) contains arsenic and antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones that have been banned by the FDA for use in poultry.

A study published in Environmental Science & Technology found fluoroquinolone antibiotics in 8 of 12 samples of feather meal collected from six states and China.

A second study found arsenic in every sample of feather meal tested.

These findings indicate that poultry producers are using these drugs, even though they are not allowed to.

The U.S. poultry industry raises about 9 billion chickens and 80 million turkeys for human consumption each year. Meal made from their feathers is commonly added to feed for chickens, pigs, cattle, and fish. This could be a reentry route into the human food supply for such drugs.

Nicholas Kristof explains in the New York Times that these studies also found feather meal to contain an antihistamine that is the active ingredient of Benadryl…[and] acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. And feather-meal samples from China contained an antidepressant that is the active ingredient in Prozac.

Poultry-growing literature has recommended Benadryl to reduce anxiety among chickens, apparently because stressed chickens have tougher meat and grow more slowly. Tylenol and Prozac presumably serve the same purpose.

Such findings indicate some of the worst problems with industrial poultry production. They result from pressures to produce chickens cheaply. The faster chickens can be pushed to grow, the less feed they consume and the cheaper they are to raise.

I don’t know what the best system for inspection might be, but I’m quite sure that leaving food safety oversight to the discretion of the packers is not a good idea. Neither is speeding up the line. And neither is feeding chickens drugs that can affect human health.

Here is even more evidence for the need for an overhaul of our food safety system.

A single food safety system anyone?

BY Marion Nestle here...

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Gloria 's Wake Up Call to Feminists

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