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Earth Holidays

"From conception the increase
From increase the swelling
From swelling the thought
From thought the remembrance
From remembrance the consciousness,
the desire..."
---- Maori Creation Chant

Winter Solstice
First Light
Spring Equinox
May Day
Summer Solstice
First Fruits
Autumn Equinox
All Hallows Eve

moon phases

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Myth*ing Link

45 million voices Abortion stories

ABA News
Abolish Sport Hunting
Abolish Animal Terrorism
Abolitionist On-line
Abuse tracker
Action for Change networking site for change agents
"Afghanistan` Project"
Animal Liberation Front ALF
(May the Universe Keep Them Safe and Active for they are the finest of us all and they harm no living thing despite what the bosses tell you)
Animal Police
Animals and Politics
Animal in WI Recomended Site
Anti-Slavery International
More animal links on my website under Social Change Moon
American Thinker
American Center for Democracy Libel Tourism and first amendment rights
Art Links Place's Moon - 3rd col
Art that Saves Animals
Arts Wisconsin
Ashes & Snow use mouse on each picture
Art original

Banking on Heaven polygamy video
Beautiful Links
Bees do not Sting
Bees & Wannabes
Best Friends Sanctuary and Resources
Big Poon's Very Best Catnip
Bird Food

C-Span Video Library
CAIDS - Hunters for intelligent alternatives to Chronic Wasting Disease hysteria
Catch the Moon
Center for Feminist Art
The Center for Responsible Lending
Center for Gender Refugee Campaigns
Ceramic Sculpture
Birds View - Creamic Sculptures of Jacqeline Jrolf
"A Libra whose element is air. She makes birds and what is happening to the air (and herself) through birds"
Chicago Women's Liberation Union
Coalition for American Workers Save jobs for citizens. Prevent in and outsourcing jobs.
Compassion Over Killing
Conflict Resolution

Corporate Control of US Democracy
Cosmology 3D
Cows with Guns

Daily Coyote
  New Daily Coyote
New Daily Coyote
Daily Puma
Dhimmi Watch
Donna Hughes

Earth Best Defense
Earth Justice Because the earth needs a good lawyer: recommended site
Eat Well at Veg Web
Equal Pay Act Check out how this site has changed under the BO adm. They have a link to go to the old site. Go to the old site to see then and now – they will keep the old site up for a few more months
Equal Rights Amendment
Equal Pay -after 45 years
ET Vegan
Earth & Sky
Eastern Shore Sanctuary
Enough genocide discussions and reports
Equality 4Women Reference papers for organizing
Exploitation and trafficking in Women (Hughes)
Easy to understand/enviromental Issues

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Fact Check
Female Genital Mutilation
Family Court Issues for Feminists – Custody - Abuse
Feminist Literature 1405-2011
Feminist News
Feminist News Service
Feminist Peace Network
Feminist Research
Fight for Free Public Resources
Fixed Star consultations
Flying Elephants Foundation
For Any Soldier
Food Fight
Food Politics
Free the Slaves click on the Blog link
Free US Now Radio
Foster Parrots LTD


Garden Habitat
Galapagos Preservation Society
removal of feral (recommended site)

Genderberg Resource for sexual exploitation activists and researchers
Global aid from US
Great Cards
Green Earth Travelvegetarian travel tours
Greener Choices
Green Energy Policy
Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants & Health Food Stores in USA

Handmade Nation
Documentary for Handmade Nation
Hedge Craft Rae Beth
Hillary's Voice NP Blogroll

Human Trafficking Middle East
    State Dept's Office

Illusion Science
Immigration studies
Inclusive Security
Initiative to Educate Afghan Women
Institute for Inclusive Security
Women's Liberation Globally
Intern'l Museum of Womenwomen's art
Iran and Kurd Women's Rights
Isabella's Closet

Jane Goodall Institute
Jihad Watch
Judy Chicago
Judy Chicago Gallery Art
Jung Personality Test


Law Library free
Law News
Lobby for Animals
Latina Women Human Rights

Mad Cowboy
M.A.R.V. (Milwaukee Area Resources for Vegetarians)
Medicinal Herbs
Military Sexual Assault Response and Prevention
Women Organizing Against Military Sexual Assault
Service Women's Support Network
Military Rape research
Monarch Watch - Grow Milkweed!
Moo Shoes
Moonlady Pages
Muslims Against Sharia

Natural Resources Defense Council
NOW News
The National Women's Law Center
Numbers USA Bi partisan immigration reduction organization

On the Question of Animal Rights
Open Secrets
   Open Rescue
Open Rescue

Opinions You Should Have
Operation Bagdad Pups

Visit Green's profile on Pinterest.
Popvox - TO Follow a Bill in Congress
Prostitution Research & Ed
Prostitution Rescue
PC Organization
Primate Freedom (RECOMMENDED SITE)
PISSD - Personal Injury, Social Security Disability injured and disabled persons mistreated by government and insurance companies
Peaceful Choices
Place Moon alternative energy
Polaris Project anti slavery/trafficking


Refugee Resettlement Watch recommended site
Residential Property Issues
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)

Sari Art
Sair Art

Sea Shepherd
Skin Deep check your cosmetics to see how toxic they are to your health
Smoothies Recipes for Smoothies
Spirit of America 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to these projects initiated by Americans serving abroad
Stateline (News from the States)
Stop Honor Killings
Stray Pet Advocacy

Sexual Offenders
National Sex Offender Registry
Sleepwalking to extinction
Survivors of Clergy Abuse
Wisconsin Sex Offender Register

Track Fed Legislation
Travel Guide (Vegetarian)
Treating Glaucoma
Top Ten Links
Trafficking in Women-International

Understanding Taqiyya
US Constitution

Vegetarian Restaurants in Wisconsin
Vegan Essentials
Vegetarian Meals Delivered
Vegetarian Food Facts
Vegetarian Resource Group
void of course
Vegan Nutrition Podcasts
Sacred hallows-not horror violence

Wiscat, Wisconsin’s union catalog
Enter the term, “women,” 444 entries; books, periodicals, oral history interviews, and manuscript collections.

WI Best Friends (recommended animal rescue site)
Wisconsin Woodland Owners and Lovers
Wild WI
Wild Ones
Wolf Pack Tarot
WOMEN AGAINST FUNDAMENTALISM IN IRAN Support Women Slaves Struggling to Organize in Iran - NOW! Follow the link above to find the website of women organizing behind burqas to bring freedom to Iran
Women in the Muslim World
Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Intern'l Women's Day March 8
Women's Foreign Policy Group
Women's Freedom Forum
Women's History Archives
Women's History Month In 1987, Congress declared March to be Women's History Month
Women's Medical Fund, Inc Assisting Wisconsin women who want but cannot afford abortion - please help
Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office Home of Feminist Collections Journal
Women's Suffrage Day August 26th
Women United
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
WI Coalition Against Domestic Violence I rarely agree with these liberals who take a great deal of the DV funding
WI Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
WI Newspapers Forum & Blogs
WI Statutes
WI Vegetarian
WI Veterans Museum
WI Watch Reporters covering the underbelly of policy shaping WI while you are unconscious




Despite the challenges, we were seeing free and democratic Iraq, we were living the hard laboring moment we believe that every one of us has duty towards our beloved country. By our hands, work, thoughts, sacrifice we will build up the new Iraq.

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Solyndra Scandal

SOOOOO the people who support green energy supported Obama who promised to support green energy and when he won, funds went to green industry research and development.  Some went to his supporters.  Terrible!  Never happened before in the history of American politics Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. 

This green witch hunt is being exploited by the rotten, filthy, corrupt, Dirty Energy barons and by their dupes who make environmentalists the enemy because they just do not have the brains to understand what overpopulation and the Big Money plutocrats are doing to this planet. Or if they do understand, they do not believe it will affect THEM personally. 

It is true the VERY rich will be able to buy their way out of the concrete, toxic hell they are turning our world into but most of the dupes are going to be eating and drinking poison right with the rest of us.

A simple question?  When a new industry is developing will there be problems with the unexpected?  Will some entrepreneurs be foolish?  Think the Internet bubble some years ago.  Think Enron. 

Now I point your attention to the nuclear power industry who ALSO and much more heavily funded Obama.  They have received billions in loans and subsidies despite the fact that there is no where safe to host their waste.  Despite the fact that they are a hazard to those who live near them.  Is anyone looking to see what their executives are building for conference rooms or at their travel expenses and bonuses?  How many legislators are connected to the nuclear power industry or the coal and oil industry?  What about their spouses and children?  How many legislator family members work for Dirty Energy or Big Agra?  How many billions this last cycle went to funding research by oil companies on the best way to drill ?

What about the stupid senseless subsidies to Big Agriculture for sugar and corn and more cheese on Domino's pizza?  How many dollars wasted on junk food?

It irritates me to watch otherwise intelligent people be anti-environmentalists in order to kiss the ass of their right wing news sources.

We are supposed to focus on Solyndra and every other green energy company so we do NOT focus on the destruction to environmental and food regulation being done right now under the excuse of jobs which never actually materialize.  Scandals are BEING CREATED so we do not notice the oligarchs are drilling in deep water again, they are depleting the ocean of fish and mammals, our waters are turning black.  We are supposed to ignore the birds dropping dead from the trees while we focus on clean energy scandals.   We are supposed to ignore fracking and water pollution from mining and mountaintop removal and ignore dirty air. 

They want you to ignore the :


Which Has A Worse Smog Problem? L.A. or Wyoming? When the air in Wyoming gets smoggier than the air in Los Angeles, you know something has gone wrong. That 'something' is the oil and gas industry. Federal air pollution standards for drilling are woefully outdated and do not cover most pollution sources. Take action today!


Republican leaders in Congress, led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, have published a plan mapping out an unprecedented assault on clean air. Week after week, bill after bill, Cantor's Toxic Agenda reads like a big polluter wish list, and some in the Senate are following his cue.

The TRAIN Act strikes at the heart of the Clean Air Act. It would indefinitely block clean air standards that have been in the works for decades and expose millions of Americans to higher levels of dangerous air pollution.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently outlined his grossly inaccurate attack against what he calls government's "10 Most Harmful Job-Destroying Regulations."
These include:

Mercury and air toxins standards for power plants;

The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule to cut smog and soot pollution;
Protective standards for toxic coal ash waste; and
Life-saving health standards for soot pollution.
ON SEPT 23, 2011, the U.S. House passed the TRAIN Act – one of the most extreme anti-environmental bills ever passed.

The bill would delay two vital standards for power plants until at least 2018 and cause up to 139,500 premature deaths, with further delays allowing over 27,000 additional deaths every year after that.

The fight to stop this monstrosity now moves to the Senate, where the threat of a presidential veto will hopefully help kill this bill.

For those of you who took action on this, thank you for your support! We did not win the House vote, but our voices were heard and our collective actions have helped make this "Dirty Air Death Bill" a lot less likely of ever becoming law.

We will keep you posted in the days and weeks ahead. For now, please help share the outrage over Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some draft messages for you:

On Facebook: The U.S. House just passed the TRAIN Act – aka “Dirty Air Death Bill” – that will cause more pollution, up to 139,500 premature deaths, and kill jobs. Tell the Senate to block this monstrosity:

On Twitter: House just passed Dirty Air Death Bill = means more pollution, more early deaths, and fewer jobs. Tell Senate to block bill:


House Bills Favor Air Pollution
The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed two bills this week that would rewrite the Clean Air Act to allow industrial boilers and cement kilns to pollute at will.


A phony committee was set up so legislators could gut medicare and medicaid before their supreme court guts obama care.  But you keep focused on loans for green energy development.  So much more important.

WISPIRG and the National Taxpayers Union have agreed on more than $1 trillion in deficit reductions, and urge the committee to start with these cuts, including:

* $277 million in subsidies that fund oil company research into the best ways to drill
* $50 million in dairy subsidies that help put more cheese on take-out pizza
* $2 billion in funding for overseas advertising on behalf of well-known, lucrative brands
* $50 billion in handouts to corporate farms that make cow feed cheaper


The major cause for the rise in antibiotic-resistant pathogens is clear: the overuse of antibiotics among animals on factory farms. Here's how it works. Livestock producers place animals in overcrowded, unsanitary living conditions to maximize their output and profits. Then, to prevent the inevitable spread of disease from such conditions and to spur faster growth in the animals, they routinely add antibiotics to feed.

In 2009, 80 percent of antibiotics administered in the United States were given to animals; of that, 70 percent was administered to healthy animals through routine feeding.

But you worry that solar energy is getting tax dollars.


Cancer Chemicals In Oil Dispersants
Five chemicals used in oil dispersants are linked to cancer, according to an investigative report prepared by Earthjustice. The dispersants were used in massive quantities last year to quell the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More

Don't worry about BP and Big Oil -- worry that a solar energy factory got a big loan.


A bill has been introduced in Congress to give away (yes, you read that right) public lands in the West, and we need your help. “The Action Plan for Public Lands and Education Act of 2011,” must not move forward.

Public land is every American’s land, and it shouldn’t be given away for drilling, digging, mining and other development uses. We must stop this from succeeding.

*     A bill recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 2852, would give away massive tracts of wild lands — tens of millions of acres of National Forests and BLM lands — that belong to every American, making it available to developers for real estate developments, logging, road building, drilling, and mining.

*     Shell is on the brink of government approval to drill 16 miles off the coast of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Despite a huge risk of ecological catastrophe, Shell is confident of success.

*     And in the name of budget cutting, we’re looking at dramatic cuts to the Land and Water Conservation Fund — one of the most effective wild land protection programs — along with slashed funding for national parks, monuments and forests and massive cuts to America’s wildlife refuge system.


Melon Deaths

More problems with fruit and vegetables because the meat and dairy industry is spreading cow manure, untreated cow manure directly on fruits and vegetables. They have far too many cows for the size of their land to dispose of the waste. So these greedy and cruel exploiters sell it to be used untreated in great quantity on fruit and vegetable crops as fertilizer. Or they do it on their own land by use of rotator sprays. And our lying government covers it up while people die.

Marion@ Food Politics

"Animals and people often excrete Listeria from their digestive tracts, even when they show no signs of illness. The bacteria get into food from infected animal waste and unwashed hands.

As a result, unpasteurized milk products and contaminated raw vegetables are frequent food sources. Other sources depend on yet another of Listeria’s nasty features – Listeria grows, reproduces and flourishes at refrigerator temperatures that stop other bacteria cold.

This explains why the CDC strongly advises pregnant women not to eat potentially undercooked foods stored in refrigerators: hot dogs, lunch meats, deli meats, patés, meat spreads and smoked seafood (salmon, trout, lox, jerky); soft cheeses such as feta, Brie, Camembert, those with blue veins, and especially Mexican “queso blanco fresco”; and raw milk or foods containing unpasteurized milk."


Earthjustice filed a Pelly petition this week impelling Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to investigate the threats to caribou and migratory birds posed by Alberta, Canada's tar sands oil extraction. Caribou herds in the region have declined by more than 50 percent over the last three generations and birds are dying when they land in toxic tailings ponds that they mistake for freshwater lakes. Read More

No don't read about the extraction and our State Dept.'s involvement -- you spend your time worrying about the crimes of green energy development because you want to work for the oligarchs like a stupid dupe!


The Obama administration has failed Americans by caving to industry pressure and approving the first part of the most aggressive offshore drilling plan ever proposed in the Arctic—
without a full environmental review, and
without requiring reliable safety equipment or
an approved oil spill response plan.

And more decisions on permits required before drilling can commence are expected soon.

Ships involved in the drilling will:

release tens of thousands of tons of harmful pollutants into the air,

dump chemicals into the water,

disturb threatened and endangered wildlife, and

create the risk of a catastrophic oil spill.

You worry about whose behind loans for solar factories while Big Oil is freed from regulation and conducts dangerous exploration activities that create noise and disturbances so pervasive that scientists conclude they could be the "greatest long-term threat to the Arctic's biological richness"

Faulty oil spill plans that rely on defective cleanup equipment and inadequate resources to cleanup a spill
Oil drilling lease sales that are conducted before the impact of drilling in the Arctic is understood and adequate environmental protection plans are in place
The approval of drilling plans without a full environmental review
Inadequate air pollution permits for drilling operations in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas that fail to control harmful pollutants


The Palmyra Atoll is a tropical coral reef island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It’s warm, tiny and far from the vast, frigid Arctic. And yet these distant, disparate places are as alike in one sense as any two places on Earth.

Each is an early victim of humankind’s addiction to fossil fuels and our constantly affirmed determination to stay addicted.

Like other low-lying communities around the world, the Palmyra Atoll, only a few feet from sea level, is quietly disappearing under rising ocean waters. As the Arctic melts—at a near-record pace—the ocean is warming and expanding. These islands and their inhabitants are literally at the water’s edge of global climate disaster.

But, while the evidence of global warming is clear and the science overwhelming, the unwillingness of nations to address this shared problem is perplexing. Even the Obama administration has taken actions that keep us tethered to the oil dependency that contributes so much to climate change.

In the last week, the Environmental Protection Agency issued permits authorizing Shell to drill for oil and gas in America’s Arctic Ocean as early as this summer. The issuance of permits fails to account for the full impacts of Shell’s operations, including the long-range potential that greenhouse gas and black carbon emissions—both major contributors to global climate change—will accelerate Arctic warming.

The permits also will allow large ships in both the Beaufort and Chukchi seas to dump tons of toxic pollution into the air and water, posing threats to wildlife, and harshly impacting Alaska Native communities.

The most worrisome threat, however, is the inability of Shell and of our government agencies to deal effectively with spills in the harsh and unforgiving Arctic seas, especially if spills occur during winter when thick sea ice and furious winds and towering seas would prevent an adequate spill clean-up response.

The oil spill response plans they have concocted fail to provide assurance that a major spill could be contained, let alone cleaned up.

The administration seems to be overlooking the lessons of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In that temperate, easily accessed environment, it took months for a massive response team to finally quell the gushing oil. That level of response could not occur in harsh Arctic conditions, nor do we have any way of predicting whether an effective clean up is even possible.



The increase of wildfires and drought. Animals burning alive -- fires close to the border set as a diversion by smugglers.

But don't worry about the cause of the worst drought in history or all the ecological damage at the border. You just keep worrying about corruption in green energy development.  That does not require any real intelligence.


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