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"From conception the increase
From increase the swelling
From swelling the thought
From thought the remembrance
From remembrance the consciousness,
the desire..."
---- Maori Creation Chant

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Myth*ing Link

45 million voices Abortion stories

ABA News
Abolish Sport Hunting
Abolish Animal Terrorism
Abolitionist On-line
Abuse tracker
Action for Change networking site for change agents
"Afghanistan` Project"
Animal Liberation Front ALF
(May the Universe Keep Them Safe and Active for they are the finest of us all and they harm no living thing despite what the bosses tell you)
Animal Police
Animals and Politics
Animal in WI Recomended Site
Anti-Slavery International
More animal links on my website under Social Change Moon
American Thinker
American Center for Democracy Libel Tourism and first amendment rights
Art Links Place's Moon - 3rd col
Art that Saves Animals
Arts Wisconsin
Ashes & Snow use mouse on each picture
Art original

Banking on Heaven polygamy video
Beautiful Links
Bees do not Sting
Bees & Wannabes
Best Friends Sanctuary and Resources
Big Poon's Very Best Catnip
Bird Food

C-Span Video Library
CAIDS - Hunters for intelligent alternatives to Chronic Wasting Disease hysteria
Catch the Moon
Center for Feminist Art
The Center for Responsible Lending
Center for Gender Refugee Campaigns
Ceramic Sculpture
Birds View - Creamic Sculptures of Jacqeline Jrolf
"A Libra whose element is air. She makes birds and what is happening to the air (and herself) through birds"
Chicago Women's Liberation Union
Coalition for American Workers Save jobs for citizens. Prevent in and outsourcing jobs.
Compassion Over Killing
Conflict Resolution

Corporate Control of US Democracy
Cosmology 3D
Cows with Guns

Daily Coyote
  New Daily Coyote
New Daily Coyote
Daily Puma
Dhimmi Watch
Donna Hughes

Earth Best Defense
Earth Justice Because the earth needs a good lawyer: recommended site
Eat Well at Veg Web
Equal Pay Act Check out how this site has changed under the BO adm. They have a link to go to the old site. Go to the old site to see then and now – they will keep the old site up for a few more months
Equal Rights Amendment
Equal Pay -after 45 years
ET Vegan
Earth & Sky
Eastern Shore Sanctuary
Enough genocide discussions and reports
Equality 4Women Reference papers for organizing
Exploitation and trafficking in Women (Hughes)
Easy to understand/enviromental Issues

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Fact Check
Female Genital Mutilation
Family Court Issues for Feminists – Custody - Abuse
Feminist Literature 1405-2011
Feminist News
Feminist News Service
Feminist Peace Network
Feminist Research
Fight for Free Public Resources
Fixed Star consultations
Flying Elephants Foundation
For Any Soldier
Food Fight
Food Politics
Free the Slaves click on the Blog link
Free US Now Radio
Foster Parrots LTD


Garden Habitat
Galapagos Preservation Society
removal of feral (recommended site)

Genderberg Resource for sexual exploitation activists and researchers
Global aid from US
Great Cards
Green Earth Travelvegetarian travel tours
Greener Choices
Green Energy Policy
Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants & Health Food Stores in USA

Handmade Nation
Documentary for Handmade Nation
Hedge Craft Rae Beth
Hillary's Voice NP Blogroll

Human Trafficking Middle East
    State Dept's Office

Illusion Science
Immigration studies
Inclusive Security
Initiative to Educate Afghan Women
Institute for Inclusive Security
Women's Liberation Globally
Intern'l Museum of Womenwomen's art
Iran and Kurd Women's Rights
Isabella's Closet

Jane Goodall Institute
Jihad Watch
Judy Chicago
Judy Chicago Gallery Art
Jung Personality Test


Law Library free
Law News
Lobby for Animals
Latina Women Human Rights

Mad Cowboy
M.A.R.V. (Milwaukee Area Resources for Vegetarians)
Medicinal Herbs
Military Sexual Assault Response and Prevention
Women Organizing Against Military Sexual Assault
Service Women's Support Network
Military Rape research
Monarch Watch - Grow Milkweed!
Moo Shoes
Moonlady Pages
Muslims Against Sharia

Natural Resources Defense Council
NOW News
The National Women's Law Center
Numbers USA Bi partisan immigration reduction organization

On the Question of Animal Rights
Open Secrets
   Open Rescue
Open Rescue

Opinions You Should Have
Operation Bagdad Pups

Visit Green's profile on Pinterest.
Popvox - TO Follow a Bill in Congress
Prostitution Research & Ed
Prostitution Rescue
PC Organization
Primate Freedom (RECOMMENDED SITE)
PISSD - Personal Injury, Social Security Disability injured and disabled persons mistreated by government and insurance companies
Peaceful Choices
Place Moon alternative energy
Polaris Project anti slavery/trafficking


Refugee Resettlement Watch recommended site
Residential Property Issues
Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)

Sari Art
Sair Art

Sea Shepherd
Skin Deep check your cosmetics to see how toxic they are to your health
Smoothies Recipes for Smoothies
Spirit of America 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to these projects initiated by Americans serving abroad
Stateline (News from the States)
Stop Honor Killings
Stray Pet Advocacy

Sexual Offenders
National Sex Offender Registry
Sleepwalking to extinction
Survivors of Clergy Abuse
Wisconsin Sex Offender Register

Track Fed Legislation
Travel Guide (Vegetarian)
Treating Glaucoma
Top Ten Links
Trafficking in Women-International

Understanding Taqiyya
US Constitution

Vegetarian Restaurants in Wisconsin
Vegan Essentials
Vegetarian Meals Delivered
Vegetarian Food Facts
Vegetarian Resource Group
void of course
Vegan Nutrition Podcasts
Sacred hallows-not horror violence

Wiscat, Wisconsin’s union catalog
Enter the term, “women,” 444 entries; books, periodicals, oral history interviews, and manuscript collections.

WI Best Friends (recommended animal rescue site)
Wisconsin Woodland Owners and Lovers
Wild WI
Wild Ones
Wolf Pack Tarot
WOMEN AGAINST FUNDAMENTALISM IN IRAN Support Women Slaves Struggling to Organize in Iran - NOW! Follow the link above to find the website of women organizing behind burqas to bring freedom to Iran
Women in the Muslim World
Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Intern'l Women's Day March 8
Women's Foreign Policy Group
Women's Freedom Forum
Women's History Archives
Women's History Month In 1987, Congress declared March to be Women's History Month
Women's Medical Fund, Inc Assisting Wisconsin women who want but cannot afford abortion - please help
Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office Home of Feminist Collections Journal
Women's Suffrage Day August 26th
Women United
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
WI Coalition Against Domestic Violence I rarely agree with these liberals who take a great deal of the DV funding
WI Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
WI Newspapers Forum & Blogs
WI Statutes
WI Vegetarian
WI Veterans Museum
WI Watch Reporters covering the underbelly of policy shaping WI while you are unconscious




Despite the challenges, we were seeing free and democratic Iraq, we were living the hard laboring moment we believe that every one of us has duty towards our beloved country. By our hands, work, thoughts, sacrifice we will build up the new Iraq.

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Male Insurance Care Reform Passes

And this NOW statement below does not even get to the issue of forced insurance as a subsidy to the gazillion dollar profits of the insurance industry - the lack of a public option, the raiding of the Medicare funds, the high cost of supplemental Medicare coverage or even the high cost of regular insurance and the lack of a public option. For single individuals the "benefits" of this bill do not start until 2014, when Bo is out of office, but the liability starts immediately. When the Repubs win the next election (based on opposition to the dems so called "immigration reform") they will immediately repeal the benefits and leave the insurance subsidies in place.

BTW 1: Do you know what the fine is for a company that does not insure because of a pre-existing condition? One hundred dollars a day. Keep a sick person struggling for enforcement for a year and you avoid the $100,000.00 operation because by then the sucker should be dead. Not only that but they can sell across state lines, so when you have to litigate a claim you will have to do so in a federal court instead of a state court. No one but insurance companies can afford to sue in a federal court. Not even upper middle class families can afford federal court litigation. Health insurance premiums will be capped at just under ten percent of a family’s income, but this will not include already high co-payments, or deductibles.

BTW 2: Did you know Stupak's own son committed suicide with one of the guns Stupak had lying around the house. Stupak says it was because the boy was on the wrong medication or over medicated. This says everything about how fetus lovers treat fetuses once they are actually born. The forced pregnancy crowd approves of child abuse - calls it discipline - then when the kids become criminal or depressed or violent, they always blame someone else. Because reality is not where the forced pregnancy jerks are comfortable. Stupak ought to be in prison for child abuse but instead he is elected to Congress.

Update from Reclusive Leftist: Go there and read it. GC is too busy puking because of this picture at the RL site. And then I read this:

RL comment: la-t-da says:

I am actually much more concerned about the “new protections” for the
conscience clauses extending to the insurance companies. I call NOW on Sunday to
ask they had not addressed that. They said they were working on their second
statement, but when it was released they still did not address it.

“Under the Act, longstanding Federal laws to protect conscience (such as
the Church Amendment, 42 U.S.C. §300a-7, and the Weldon Amendment, Pub. L. No.
111-8, §508(d)(1) (2009)) remain intact and new protections prohibit
discrimination against health care facilities and health care providers because
of an unwillingness to provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for

Let’s all remember this is the 2nd EO he has issued since in
office. The first was to to overturn the Bush 11th hour clause. It really only
“ordered” HHS to write new language. They were supposed to get back to us but I
never saw it. Suppose “new protections” for insurance companies is getting back
to us

and then comes this:

Health insurance premiums will be capped at just under ten percent of a family’s income, but this will not include already high co-payments, or deductibles.”
This seems inaccurate. I don’t think there is any cap on premiums for most people.

There is a subsidy that would effectively cap premiums at 9.8% of a family’s income *for people who are unemployed or who work for employers who don’t offer insurance and who make less than 400% of the federal poverty level.* It does not apply to people whose employers offer insurance unless they make less than the FPL. It doesn’t apply to people who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

As noted, the 9.8% cap is only for premiums, not other out-of-pocket costs. What is not noted is that the “the premium credits will be tied to the second lowest-cost silver plan in the area”. Silver plans cover only 70% of health services. So for people who buy individual policies through an exchange (and otherwise qualify), the amount that they pay for the second-worst plan that pays for ~70% of their healthcare services will be capped at 9.8% of their income. If they buy a better plan, it will cost more than the 9.8% (or other) cap.
Many people who must purchase health care insurance will not be able to afford to use it even if they are lucky enough to have their premium costs capped at 9.8% or less.

The new law also eliminates the subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans. This is awful for anyone on Medicare since those plans will now have to cut costs or reduce benefits (probably both) to make up for the lost subsidies.
It puts an annual cap of $2,500 on the amount that can be contributed for healthcare to flexible spending accounts. That amount was previously uncapped.

Those accounts allow employees to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax money (i.e., the money contributed to the account is not subject to federal, state, or Social Security taxes). These accounts are very important for people with disabilities or chronic medical problems because they greatly reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Finally, it subjects more medical costs to income taxes. Currently any medical expenses in excess of 7.5% of your income are deductible for federal income tax purposes but the law raises that floor to 10%, beginning in 2013. This hurts taxpayers with high medical expenses, such as the disabled or those with chronic illnesses.

Health Care Reform Victory Comes with Tragic Setback for Women's Rights

Statement of NOW
President Terry O'Neill
March 21, 2010

As a longtime proponent of health care reform, I truly wish that the National Organization for Women could join in celebrating the historic passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It pains me to have to stand against what many see as a major achievement. But feminist, progressive principles are in direct conflict with many of the compromises built into and tacked onto this legislation.

The health care reform bill passed by Congress today offers a number of good solutions to our nation's critical health care problems, but it also fails in many important respects. After a full year of controversy and compromise, the result is a highly flawed, diminished piece of legislation that continues reliance on a failing, profit-driven private insurance system and rewards those who have been abusive of their customers. With more than 45,000 unnecessary deaths annually and hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies each year due to medical bills, this bill is only a timid first step toward meaningful reform.

Fact: The bill contains a sweeping anti-abortion provision. Contrary to the talking points circulated by congressional leaders, the bill passed today ultimately achieves the same outcome as the infamous Stupak-Pitts Amendment, namely the likely elimination of all private as well as public insurance coverage for abortion.

It imposes a bizarre requirement on insurance plan enrollees who buy coverage through the health insurance exchanges to write two monthly checks (one for an abortion care rider and one for all other health care). Even employers will have to write two separate checks for each of their employees requesting the abortion rider.

This burdensome, elaborate system must be eliminated. It is there because the Catholic bishops and extremist abortion rights opponents know that it will result in greatly restricting access to abortion care, currently one of the most common medical procedures for women.

Fact: President Obama made an eleventh-hour agreement to issue an executive order lending the weight of his office to the anti-abortion measures included in the bill. This move was designed to appease a handful of anti-choice Democrats who have held up health care reform in an effort to restrict women's access to abortion.

This executive order helps to cement the misconception that the Hyde Amendment is settled law rather than what it really is -- an illegitimate tack-on to an annual must-pass appropriations bill. It also sends the outrageous message that it is acceptable to negotiate health care reform on the backs of women.

Fact: The bill permits age-rating, the practice of imposing higher premiums on older people. This practice has a disproportionate impact on women, whose incomes and savings are lower due to a lifetime of systematic wage discrimination.

Fact: The bill also permits gender-rating, the practice of charging women higher premiums simply because they are women. Some are under the mistaken impression that gender-rating has been prohibited, but that is only true in the individual and small-group markets. Larger group plans (more than 100 employees) sold through the exchanges will be permitted to discriminate against women -- having an especially harmful impact in workplaces where women predominate.

We know why those gender- and age-rating provisions are in the bill: because insurers insisted on them, as they will generate billions of dollars in profits for the companies. Such discriminatory rating must be completely eliminated.

Fact: The bill imposes harsh restrictions on the ability of immigrants to access health care, imposing a 5-year waiting period on permanent, legal residents before they are eligible for assistance such as Medicaid, and prohibiting undocumented workers even to use their own money to purchase health insurance through an exchange. These provisions are counterproductive in terms of controlling health care costs; they are there because of ugly anti-immigrant sentiment, and must be eliminated.

Fact: The bill covers only 32 million of the 47 million uninsured in this country, does not contain a meaningful public option and provides no pathway to a single payer system like Medicare for all. Democratic negotiators crumpled before powerful business interests and right-wing extremists, and until they get a spine there will be no true competition to help rein in costs.
The bottom line is that everyone -- citizen and non-citizen, undocumented immigrant and visitor -- has a fundamental human right to health care. This right has been denied in the U.S. for far too long, while the rest of the industrialized world moved ahead to assure universal and affordable care for their people.

Greenconsciousness Notes: This is how NOW in stupid political correctness becomes irrelevant as a political action group. No US citizen gets free health care in Mexico. Yet NOW thinks US citizens should pay for the world's health care. The US should pay for all the overpopulated catholic forced pregnancy victims fleeing from Mexico AND other countries to take our jobs in the US. CAN'T YOU SEE THIS POLITICAL POSITION IS EXACTLY WHAT THE GLOBAL ELITE ARE MANUFACTURING FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT? That is, LET THE US TAXPAYERS PAY FOR THEIR WAGE SLAVE'S MEDICAL CARE. The global elite live like kings and the US working and middle class should pay for all the misery they flood into our country while they own yachts, slaves and mansions . Mexico legalized drugs. Why doesn't their system tax drugs and open free clinics that US citizens can use?

NOW can raise funds from the illegals and special visa workers. Illegals/SVW are already getting millions of state and federal tax dollars from the state Depts. of Workforce Development (read corporate subsidies) which funds groups like United Migrant Opportunities (UMOS) to provide housing, child care, and to train "farm workers" so they can speak enough English to take union jobs. Disgusting. ( United Migrant Opportunity-Services/UMOS INC.-Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Audited Financial Statements-For the Year Ended June 30, 2008 -Andrea & Orendorff - 6300 76th Street Suite 200 - Kenosha, WI 53142 - (262) 657-7716 )

We call upon President Obama and elected officials in both houses to commit to a process of steady improvement of our health care system that will result in true reform with universal coverage, realistically affordable rates and no discrimination. We still have a lot of work to do before we can genuinely celebrate.

Greenconsciousness Notes: To protest this joke on women, if you can, donate to the Women's Medical Funds, which pays for poor women's abortions. Most of these women already have too many children to support. Who are these women? Click here.

NOW Political Action Committee Endorses Connie Saltonstall for Stupak Seat

Statement of NOW President and NOW/PAC Chair Terry O'Neill
March 17, 2010

The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is proud to announce our endorsement of Connie Saltonstall for Congress, representing Michigan's 1st District. Saltonstall is taking on reproductive rights foe and health care reform obstructer Rep. Bart Stupak in the state's Democratic primary this August.

What a relief that a courageous feminist candidate stepped up to the plate to challenge the co-author of the anti-choice Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Thanks to Connie Saltonstall, Stupak's bullying attempts to use health care reform as an opportunity to restrict women's access to abortion will be contested at the polls. Saltonstall stated: "I believe that [Stupak] has a right to his personal, religious views, but to deprive his constituents of needed health care reform because of those views is reprehensible."

Saltonstall is a strong supporter of the full range of feminist issues, including reproductive justice, affirmative action, pay equity, constitutional equality and equal marriage rights. More specifically, she is in favor of repealing the Hyde Amendment, fully funding the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, rescinding the Defense Of Marriage Act, expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act to add paid leave, and undoing the Bush-era damage done to Title IX.


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