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Despite the challenges, we were seeing free and democratic Iraq, we were living the hard laboring moment we believe that every one of us has duty towards our beloved country. By our hands, work, thoughts, sacrifice we will build up the new Iraq.

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Sotomayor is not a victory for women's rights.

I am watching the usual suspects push the personal story of Sotomayor's life while ignoring her decisions on the second circuit. They are not talking much about attendance at the private and expensive elite universities but instead emphasizing the part about living in subsidized housing after her parents came to the US. Her mother came from Puerto Rico. I am less clear about her father who died when she was nine. Her mother, a nurse, is given credit for Sotomayor's success. She is always referred to as "a single mom" who worked two jobs. No further details available except that somewhere a stepfather appeared as he was mentioned at the announcement of Sotomayor's appointment.

No mention of this country's political and economic assistance which would interfere with the Horatio Alger myth. Interfere with the propoganda designed to make us say, she is one of us as we would like to be. Why should we care? Because class is not the criteria for assistance and it is time to equalize that aspect of the ladder to success in this country. Economic criteria should become the only criteria for affirmative action assistance. Also, because all this emphasis on immigrant success is a substitute for US political action and economic development in the countries of origin.

There is a conflict of interest between the US classes over immigration. It is in the interest of the working class to raise standards all over the world.

It is in the interest of corporations and predatory lenders to flood this country with cheap immigrant labor and bust unions, lowering the income of the working class world wide.

Politicians satisfy their corporate funders by encouraging illegal immigration while simultaneously developing a voter base for their own party. That is why the Cuban voter block in Florida and the open Mexican border.

Illegal immigration results in cheap union busting labor for the elites and a voting block for politicians. The working class picks up the costs with no corresponding benefits. The middle class benefits with cheap household workers, maids and nannies, yard work, remodeling workers, cheap day labor. Corporations and agri-business benefit by profits from imposing working conditions that no US citizen will accept in their butcher slaughterhouses, factory farming animal containment factories, and toxic, unsanitary, genetically modified, food producing fields.

So the masses are bombarded with feel good stories of immigrants and derided as racists if they object to open borders, conditionless, unfair trade treaties and taxpayer subsidies of illegal immigrants for corporate profit. Meanwhile, our cities, where the middle class does NOT live, deteriorate and living conditions become unbearable. Only the worker upper class, govt workers, cops and firefighters, court workers continue to prosper and believe.

Thus, the working class is confused about their right to protect their own standard of living while Wall Street enriches their own class by in sourcing and out sourcing. Meanwhile, California, the open borders gateway, can no longer meet its' welfare obligations and its gangs control the streets and prisons. Diversionary arson is out of control.

Now what do I mean by subsidies? The Wisconsin legislature is passing a bill that will allow the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at the University of WI, at a time when working class citizens, ineligible for minority subsidies, can no longer afford tuition. Right now veterinarians are graduating with 150,000.00 in student loans when the working class cannot afford to take their animals to the vet because of the high fees vets must charge to pay off their loans.

The Dept of Workforce Development subsidizes United Migrant Opportunity Services with about about 25 million in state workforce development funds to house illegal aliens, provide them with day care, job training, English lessons and education so they can be cheap labor for corporations and bust unions. UMOS is in every state - in WI it OWNS about ten homes, to house immigrants and gets millions in tax payer dollars to screw the working class. How many battered women's transitional houses are owned by the shelters?

How can this happen? Corporations fund politician's political campaigns and this is their reward. Just as the condition free bail outs were BO's reward to Goldman Sacks and AIG. Just as medical "reform" will benefit the insurance industry while cutting benefits to seniors.

*United Migrant Opportunity Services/UMOS INC. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
UMOS statements for this report. The Statement of Financial Position and Statement of ... Note payable to U.S.Department of Agriculture due in annual payments of ... 8062011. Principal payments due by year are as follows: 2009 ... - Similar pages -
UMOS - Home

So I am not interested in Sotomayor's fantasy background and in fact am disgusted by the half truths of the BO propaganda machine. This is what does interest me. The second circuit reviews a majority of the immigration cases. A majority of US citizens (75%) are fed up with illegal immigration, and all the US subsidies of illegal workers at the expense of US taxpayers. Yet, we are not given a history of Sotomayor's decisions on immigration cases. I want a review of every immigration decision she has participated and/or written. I am especially interested in her Homeland Security decisions involving airlines and entrance requirements.

I am also disgusted by the so called feminist groups' blind faith in Obama's commitment to women's right to choose.

The majority of Catholic Hispanics oppose abortion although there are some studies done of self reporters which obscure this reality. The way we are losing the right to abortion is by increments. First, poor women lost funding, then military women, then women in foreign countries, then there are the endless state restrictions demanding fake medical advice and delays. In the meantime doctors are being prosecuted and killed, while states continue to attempt to pass legislation denying women their constitutional rights. Women need a Supreme Court appointment who will strike down these impediments to the full exercise of our constitutional right to control our own bodies.

Sotomayor is both Hispanic and Catholic and has written at least one decision hostile to a woman's right to choose. We know Planned Parenthood and NARAL do what Obama tells them to do regardless of the effect on women's rights. Only one group, the Center for Reproductive Rights is sounding the alarm. I urge readers to go to their site and keep informed.

Center for Reproductive Rights

Judge Sotomayor has not ruled on the constitutional right to abortion. However, in 2002, she authored an opinion in a case brought by the Center for Reproductive Rights (at that time the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy), challenging the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule or “Mexico City Policy,” which prohibited overseas organizations that received U.S. funds from providing abortion services or
engaging in speech intended to ease restrictions on abortion.

The Center filed Center for Reproductive Law & Policy v. Bush on behalf of itself and its attorneys asserting that the Center’s work overseas with women’s rights organizations seeking law reform to address the deaths and harmful consequences of unsafe abortion would be hampered by the Global Gag Rule.

Writing for a three judge panel, Judge Sotomayor relied on previous Second Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court decisions to reject the Plaintiffs’ First Amendment, Due Process and Equal Protection claims. Sotomayor is gnerally bad on first amendment rights favoring the right of authority to regulate speech in the interests of order bla blaa bla.

The opinion focused on the application of legal precedent and did not express a view on or discuss the impact of the Global Gag Rule on abortion law reform efforts around the world.

On January 23, President Obama rescinded the Global Gag rule.

For the harmful effects of the Global Gag rule during the Bush
Administration, see Breaking the Silence: The Global Gag Rule’s Impact on Unsafe Abortion and How the Global Gag Rule Impacts U.S.Foreign Policy and Harms Women’s Health.

Make sure to check in at the "I AM NOT SORRY" blog. And the home page with the picture.

The other objection to Sotomayor is her attitude toward second amendment right to bear arms. Women need the right to defend themselves as there is a war on women in the US. Battered women need to defend themselves. Women in parks and lonely roads should be able to carry guns. Women walking to their cars or at bus stops should be allowed to carry guns. Sotomayor rules that the right to bear arms is not an individual right.

I think Obama supports the Muslim theocrats and will sacrifice the rights of women in order to support alliances with Muslim theocrats. I think Obama supports open borders, and is willing to suppress women's rights when it is expedient to do so. The latest wave of Muslim immigrants has resulted in an increase in the number of girls who are isolated in home schools. Changes in women's rights are occurring in the Courts and Universities. I think Obama's campaign operatives know they can satisfy corporate funders and build their voter base by encouraging an open borders policy. I think we saw Obama's attitude toward the working class in the different way he treated the Wall Street bail outs and General Motors. Busting union contracts and pensions while allowing billion dollar bonuses for failed Wall St executives and bankers until the public rebelled.

I think Sotomayor is an appointment in line with Obama's goals and not necessarily in the interests of women. Most suspicious is that Obama says he never asked HER about Roe. Why not? Why do liberals keep acting as if abortion, privacy, a woman's right to control her reproduction is something to hide, some disgraceful choice, rather than a responsible decision by mature women who do not want or cannot afford to reproduce?

I hope I am wrong and this choice is not yet another woman's rights cop out on the part of Obama and his male advisors.


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